It is the vision of the employees of Frontier Bag that we supply to our customers the best quality poly bags and sheeting available in today’s market, within the time requirements of our customers and with consistent, enthusiastic service that we feel is unmatched in our industry. Through utilization of our program of GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices, our continual use of Quality Circles in all facets of our company will insure the pinnacle of quality in all that we accomplish.

FDA Statement

The bags and sheeting manufactured by Frontier Bag meet FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 – olefin polymers, para (c) 3.2a and may thus be used in the United States as an article or component of an article intended for use in contact with food.

IMS Certification

Frontier Bag is IMS (Interstate Milk Shippers) certified by the FDA for the fabrication of single-service containers and closures for milk and milk products. Our certification can be found on the following link to the FDA WEB SITE.