Sustainability means being committed to the future. Frontier Bag aligns all its practices to the principles of sustainability because that is the key to achieving sales and profits in a socially responsible manner. Efficient and safe processes not only contribute to the environmental protection and occupational health and safety, but also help reduce costs and resource consumption. Responsible business practices strengthen our employees’ motivation and their identification with our company. Our sustainability strategy thus assures that in the future Frontier Bag will continue to grow and increase in value.

Sustainability has recently been brought to the forefront in industry for enacting responsible stewardship of available resources. Although it is a new term, sustainability has been long practiced by Frontier Bag in many ways such as source-reduction, reprocessing, recycling, energy conservation, ecology of waste and the health and safety of our employees.

At Frontier Bag, our carbon footprint is extremely small. We send very little to the landfill and recycle most everything, for example; all plastics, all corrugated both boxes and cores, wood pallets, glass (including light bulbs), all metals; steel, brass, copper and aluminum (including our employees soft drink cans), all paper and paper products, even our copier toner cartridges and printer ink cartridges. Frontier Bag intends on continuing and improving our leadership roll of Sustainability.